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Volunteer Overseas


Operations & Directorate
Peter Slowe - Executive Chair Peter Slowe
Executive Chair

Before starting Projects Abroad in 1992, Peter Slowe was a distinguished geographer and author, specialising in political biography, political geography and military history, based at the University of Chichester. As Chair of the Labour Party's Finance and Industry Group, Peter was an economic advisor to Tony Blair and his government. Over the last two decades, as Projects Abroad has grown, it has taken up more of Peter's time. He is actively involved with all aspects of the business from setting up new destinations to supervising recruitment campaigns in the US and Continental Europe. Peter was born in 1953, and he and his wife Karen have one son.

Greg Thomson - Chief Executive Officer Greg Thomson
Chief Executive Officer

Overseas Team

Role: The Overseas team are responsible for ensuring projects and offices overseas are running well. They also prepare volunteers before they leave and support them while they are away.

Jessi Warner - Operations Director Jessi Warner
Operations Director

Originally from Ireland, Jessi started with Projects Abroad as a Teaching volunteer in Costa Rica before moving to our Irish Recruitment Team. Since moving to Operations she has worked in 11 destinations and has experience as a Volunteer Coordinator, Operations Manager and Country Director. She joined the Head Office team in 2014 when she took on the role of Head of Programme Development, making sure every project has long term goals and that the impact of volunteers is being monitored. She has been Operations Director since August 2016.

Somi Cho - Deputy Operations Director Somi Cho
Deputy Operations Director

Born and raised in South Korea, Somi graduated with a degree in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies and went on to complete an MA in social sciences from the American University of Beirut. She lived in the Middle East for nearly eight years (Syria, Lebanon, and the West Bank) volunteering and working with NGOs. She joined the Projects Abroad team in 2012 and enjoys working with people from all over the world.

Ligaya Basalo - Operations Manager Ligaya Basalo
Operations Manager

Ligaya, a native from the Philippines, joined Projects Abroad Sri Lanka in 2005 and worked as Desk Officer for 4 years before moving on to work as Alumni Manager till 2011. Ligaya joined the Operations Team in 2012 and now liaises with our overseas teams on a regular basis.

Mircea Samoila - Operations Manager Mircea Samoila
Operations Manager
Jerylee Wong - Operations Manager Jerylee Wong
Operations Manager

Jerylee Wong was born in Guadalajara, and originally joined Projects Abroad in 2003 working in our Mexican office. She has also worked in a number of our other destinations including Ghana, Ethiopia, and was Country Director for Tanzania for over a year. Jerylee studied her masters in International Strategic Management in Sweden. She enjoys playing tennis, cooking and travelling.

Georgi Poparad - Operations Manager Georgi Poparad
Operations Manager

Georgi has been with Projects Abroad since 2013. She worked for the Romanian and the Canadian office, but her continuous quest for new adventures and challenges brought her to Nepal in July 2015 when she joined the team in Chitwan. Currently based in Kathmandu, Georgi is happy to be part of the Projects Abroad family. She enjoys exploring the world, reading, swimming, horseback riding and dancing.

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