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Volunteer Overseas

Volunteer Travel Opportunities

Seize the opportunity for volunteer travel and help, learn, and explore with Projects Abroad. We run various volunteering and internship programmes in countries worldwide, so see what you can do and explore where you can go. A volunteer trip is a great way to see the world and actively make a difference in communities that need extra support.

When you do a volunteer trip with us:

  • Start and end your project whenever you want. Make it fit your schedule
  • Decide how much time you can commit. You can volunteer abroad anywhere from one week to a full year
  • Become part of a global network of volunteers from around the world
  • Our trained and resident staff members will ensure that you have all the backup and support you need on your volunteer trip

Two students plant mangroves in Fiji as part of their volunteer trip to Fiji

Volunteer Travel Programmes

By choosing a volunteer travel programme, you open yourself to a world of experiences closed to ordinary travellers. You travel without being a tourist, live with a local host family at the majority of our projects, and are part of ongoing efforts to make a positive impact on communities.

Projects Abroad has volunteer trips (also known as humanitarian trips) for everyone, no matter your age, background, or level of experience. Most of our projects are open to anyone from age 16 to 75+.

Here is a quick snapshot of our best programmes for volunteer travel:

  • Care Projects: Volunteer abroad with children and support early childhood development in kindergartens and care centers. You can also work with special needs children, working to improve their daily quality of life.
  • Conservation Projects: Help protect endangered animals and precious ecosystems. Live and work in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, dive with sharks in Fiji, help with anti-poaching initiatives in Botswana, and more.
  • Building Projects: Use your own two hands to make a difference. A lack of infrastructure can hold a community back, so help by giving them what they need. This could be toilets, houses, a library, or classrooms.

If your interests lie elsewhere, check out our other programmes.A volunteer travelling to Africa practices reading aloud with a child

Group Volunteer Travel Programmes

Some people prefer volunteer travel with a group. This is especially useful for first-time travellers. Our organised group volunteer trips are a great option and offer:

  • A full schedule of daily volunteer work, with cultural activities and a weekend trip
  • The opportunity to live and work with people your own age
  • A range of fixed dates throughout the year

We designed the following group trips especially for their age groups:

  • Middle School Specials for students between the ages of 12 and 15. The focus of the trip is on international experiential learning.
  • High School Specials for teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18. Use the summer holiday to give back, gain practical experience, and explore a different country.
  • 19+ Specials for volunteers between the ages of 18 and 25. We plan every detail of this volunteer trip for you, so sign up for two weeks filled with volunteering, sightseeing, and socialising.
  • Grown-up Specials for adults over the age of 50. Age is not a barrier, and we welcome older and more experienced volunteers.

We also offer Christmas Projects and Easter Projects.

Help, Learn, and Explore Through a Humanitarian Trip

You can use this year to travel with purpose and pursue a humanitarian trip. Immerse yourself in a different culture, add international experience to your resume, and leave with a network of new friends.

Questions about volunteer travel? Get in touch with us via telephone or email, or chat with one of our friendly Programme Advisors online.

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