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Volunteer Overseas

Volunteering opportunities in Asia with Projects Abroad

Leisure time in Thailand

Projects Abroad is the world’s most popular international voluntary organisation and we are looking to recruit volunteers for our placements in Asia. We currently operate in several Asian destinations: in central Asia we work in Mongolia, Nepal and Sri Lanka, in east Asia we work in China, and in south-east Asia we work in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. We offer many different project types, including Teaching, Care, Sports, Medicine, Journalism, Business and Law. And with many different types of placement within each area, we are sure to have the project for you.

Projects Abroad placements run throughout the year, so you choose your own start date and the amount of time you want to spend away with us. Our prices include your accommodation, food and insurance for the whole of the time you are volunteering, as well as your placement and the first-class support of the local staff in our destinations.

Volunteering Abroad in Asia as part of a gap-year, career-break, internship or elective

Medicine project in Cambodia

Anybody can apply to be a Projects Abroad volunteer, provided you are aged 18 or over (we can take 16 and 17 year olds as well but they must have parental permission). For the vast majority of our projects we do not ask for our volunteers to have any particular skills either, the only exceptions being where our partner organisations have specifically requested a basic level of training, such as a year of legal training for our Law project in China, or a year of university medical education for our Medicine project in Cambodia.

The result is that we have a volunteer community which is made up of people of all sorts of ages, abilities, experiences and nationalities. Volunteers come to us during their summer holidays from school, college and university; to do an elective with us while they are at university or an internship once they have graduated; during a career break, especially during the current economic climate; and even just for a unique holiday experience.

Placements in Cambodia, China, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam

The projects that we offer vary from destination to destination, depending on the needs of the countries, as determined by our local staff. This gives each destination its own distinct “flavour”, and means that our volunteers tend to integrate into a welcoming local community, which is aware of the good work which we are doing within it. To find out more about which projects are available in each of our Asian destinations, please use the top menu bar to navigate to “Destinations”.

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