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Volunteer Overseas

Combining multiple projects and/or destinations

There is so much to choose from! Why not combine placements?

Option 1 Combine projects within a country

Conservation volunteers in South Africa observe elephants

Have the best of both worlds! You can combine as many placements within a country as you wish. Please check the minimum time on a placement on the Prices page. Of course, the longer you stay on each placement the more you'll get from it.

When combining projects within the same destination, you pay for your most expensive project and then any other project is charged at its "extra week" price.

For example:

Suppose you want to do Teaching English in Mexico for 8 weeks followed by Medicine for 4 weeks.

You will pay the 4 weeks Medicine price plus 8 of the "extra week" prices for Teaching.

Projects Abroad leads a training session

Option 2 Combine countries

You can combine any of our destinations. Some volunteers go to two countries - a few go to four or five!

When you sign up for projects in two or more countries you will get 10% off each placement fee*.

Most of our placements fit well into a round-the-world ticket, or are linked by some of the best train and overland journeys in the world! Projects Abroad travel can arrange a variety of flights on request.**

Option 3 Combine countries and placements

For the ultimate experience, let us arrange a variety of experiences in a variety of countries. Examples of combinations, which could take you a year or more, include:

Volunteer teaches maths to a class in Ghana

Morocco - Take part in a Care Project before visiting the Sahara desert
Fly to Nepal - and get immersed in the culture by joining a Building Project
Fly to Thailand - learn to scuba dive on a Conservation & Environment project followed by a holiday on the islands


Peru - Incan & Wari Archaeology then move to our Conservation & Environment Rainforest project
Travel down overland through South America to Argentina to Teach

*Not including Language or Diving courses. No other discounts will then be applied.

** See flight prices or call us for information. Prices for round the world tickets and three-country or more combinations are not available before application. After application we can discuss your requirements and offer you no-obligation quotes.

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