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Volunteer Overseas

Shark Conservation in Fiji
Grown-up Special for volunteers aged 50+

Project Overview

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  • Placement locations: Coral Coast, Viti Levu
  • TYPES OF PLACEMENTS: Diving and conservation work
  • Role: To assist with shark and marine conservation, research and awareness campaigns.
  • Requirements: None
  • Accommodation: Same sex dormitories
  • Arrival Airport: Nadi (NAN)
  • Local Languages: English, Fijian

An older Projects Abroad volunteer works in a Fiji village greenhouse garden outside of Nadi

Get up close with some of the most endangered and misunderstood animals in the world during our Shark Conservation in Fiji Grown-up Special. As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to work alongside internationally renowned scientists on diving and shark research projects, while contributing to awareness and education in the local community.

Fiji is known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise coast that is rich in vibrant marine life, including the eight species of shark that inhabit the waters. Sharks play an important role in our marine ecosystem, and your job will be to help conserve and protect these beautiful creatures.

Depending on your diving experience and certifications, you will either focus on completing your PADI open water dive course, advanced open water dive course, or you will complete an extra shark dive. You will be required to assist on survey dives by collecting data on the marine life in Fiji. The scientific research you compile is of great importance, and will be shared and published both locally and internationally.

When you are not out diving you will be helping the scientists deploy, bait and check fishing lines and nets, and observe them as they catch and tag juvenile sharks. You will also help with mangrove reforestation, run awareness campaigns at local schools, and participate on beach clean-ups with the school children. The best part about this trip is that you will have the opportunity to go on a shark feed dive.

Over the weekends you will have plenty of time to socialise with the other volunteers, explore Fiji and experience the local culture. You can get involved in various cultural activities, trek to a nearby waterfall, try your hand at various water sports or just spend the day enjoying the warm tropical weather on the beach. You will return home with an internationally recognised diving certificate, a newfound appreciation for our abundant marine life and some incredible stories.


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