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Volunteer Overseas

Volunteer in Africa on a Culture & Community Project

Volunteers at a Maasai village in Tanzania

Culture & Community projects in Africa allow volunteers to become immersed in the lives and traditions of their host country while participating in valuable cultural exchange. Culture & Community projects vary, but they always include two key components: immersion into a vibrant new culture and the opportunity to make a contribution in their chosen host community.

Culture & Community in Africa - What Is It Like?

Culture & Community projects in Africa offer volunteers the opportunity to live and work among traditional tribal communities. Anyone who wants an immersive and culturally enriching African experience can get involved. Volunteers can work in community townships in South Africa, rural villages in Tanzania and live with local nomads in Morocco.

"One of my best memories is the sunrise over the desert, viewed from atop a rocky outcrop. Anyone needing some time out should undertake the Nomad project; switch off your mobile phone, leave your computer at home and head out to the desert."

Ryan Mallett-Outtrim – Nomad project in Morocco

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