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Volunteering with Children in Asia

A volunteer busy teaching a child in a care project in the Philippines

Volunteering on a Care placement in Asia is a very rewarding experience. Care work in Asia can be done in care centres, kindergarten classrooms, and special needs centres. Volunteering here is not only a chance for you to help others, but also an opportunity to experience a new and wonderful continent rich in history, culture and geographical wonders. 

Care projects give you the opportunity to take an active role in the lives of many children, ranging in age from small babies to teenagers. There is no required training or degree necessary to participate in these Care placements; all that is required is the will to help others. These projects are open to volunteers of all ages, from recent graduates to those on a gap year or career break. Volunteer work in Asia is as diverse and multifaceted as the culture and people you will encounter, and volunteers are encouraged to use their interests and skills when choosing a project.

Working with children in Care Centres in Asia

Volunteers playing with children at care project Thailand

You can participate in the daily running of the centre which includes preparing meals, cleaning, doing laundry, and general building maintenance, or more direct childcare activities which includes teaching and spending time with the children. This more hands-on interaction with the children can be as simple as reading them a story, helping them write a letter, or playing a game with them.

Children and adults with special needs volunteering in Asia

Special needs Care centres look after people who have physical or mental disabilities. Special Ed children and adults are sometimes in schools for the handicapped, blind and deaf, and are trying to learn how to live a more independent life and become more self-sufficient. Volunteer Care workers can help these people find new ways to overcome their disabilities and become more proficient in dealing with daily obstacles.

"I was working in a care centre – The National Baby and Children Centre (NBC). The majority of the children are mentally and physically disabled. My work consisted of helping with the day to day running of the centre and caring for the children. I was feeding, washing, changing nappies and giving the children lots of attention. I believe that giving the children attention is very important – many of the children can really smile when you spend some time with them."

Marlyn Smit Hooftman – Care in Cambodia

Volunteer in a day care centre or kindergarten in Asia

Projects Abroad care volunteer dresses up in Sri Lanka

Day care centres and kindergartens in Asia are wonderful places to do volunteer childcare work. Dealing with such young children in a foreign country can be quite challenging at first. However, once you develop a routine and get to know the children on an individual level, things get much easier.

There are a great deal of Care opportunities for volunteers to invest their time, skills and energy. These placements are incredibly worthwhile, and give you the chance to make a real positive impact on people’s lives, whether you’re reading stories to children or planting a vegetable garden at a care home. Our comprehensive Care Management plans ensure that we continue to work towards long-term development goals on the continent.

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