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Agriculture & Farming Volunteering in Latin America & the Caribbean

Projects Abroad Farming volunteer at her placement Jamaica

Projects Abroad welcomes volunteers of any age to help out on our Agriculture & Farming projects in Latin America & the Caribbean, whether you’re on a gap year or a career break. You have the opportunity to work in community gardens or farms promoting sustainable agricultural practices. These placements are ideal for those who enjoy working outdoors, and have an interest in sustainability, ecology and organic farming.

Agriculture is important to the livelihood of many small families on the continent. Sustainable farming activities benefit the community as a whole, ensuring that environmental degradation is limited while producing crops for sale or local consumption.

How can I volunteer on an organic farm in Latin America & the Caribbean?

Volunteers do not need specific experience in farming or gardening in order to participate. You will be trained by local specialists and will help with a variety of agricultural activities, depending on your interests. Duties include, but are not limited to, planting seeds and harvesting crops, working in greenhouse production, and assisting in pest management.

You will be working alongside local staff and other Projects Abroad volunteers, sharing knowledge and assisting local communities in a way that makes a positive, long-term difference to their food supply and source of income.

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