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Working with children in Latin America & the Caribbean

Projects Abroad volunteer posing for a photo with children in Peru

Volunteering in Latin America & the Caribbean is not only a chance for you to help others, but also an opportunity to experience a new and wonderful continent filled with ancient histories and cultures.

Care projects give you the opportunity to take an active role in the lives of many children, ranging in age from small babies to teenagers. There is no required training or degree necessary to participate in these Latin American & Caribbean Care placements; all that is required is the will to help others. These projects are open to volunteers of all ages, from recent graduates to those on a gap year or career break.

Care centre & volunteer work in Latin America & the Caribbean

Argentina and Mexico both offer volunteers the chance to work in care centres. You can participate in whatever aspect of the centre Care work that interests you. For instance, this could involve directly interacting with the children and running through their daily activities with them, or completing maintenance work for the actual centre.

Special needs placements in Latin America & the Caribbean

Projects Abroad volunteer interactive with children in Belize

Care volunteers in Latin America & the Caribbean also have the opportunity to do some rewarding work with children and adults with special needs. Most of the adults and children you will be working with will need assistance in coping with or working around their disabilities. Some will require supervision if they cannot look after themselves.

Projects Abroad works with a number of different placements such as children’s homes, centres for disabled adults or children, education centres for specific special needs, and homes for the elderly. We also have specific community outreach initiatives for HIV awareness and children’s rights.

Volunteer in a day care centre in Latin America & the Caribbean

Volunteers can also choose to do childcare work in Latin America in day care centres or kindergartens. Here you will help prepare meals, play games, assist with homework or teach lessons. Volunteers can also impart more practical lessons to the children in the care centres – appropriate life skills such as personal hygiene or personal safety precautions.

Animal Therapy in Latin America & the Caribbean

Projects Abroad offers both Canine Therapy and Equine Therapy placements in Argentina and Bolivia. These are perfect placements for those volunteers who love animals and enjoy working with children. Through specialised programmes, equine and canine therapies can assist children with their cognitive and motor skills as part of their rehabilitation.

There are a great deal of Care opportunities for volunteers to invest their time, skills and energy. These placements are incredibly worthwhile, and give you the chance to make a real positive impact on people’s lives, whether you’re reading stories to children or planting a vegetable garden at a care home. Our comprehensive Care Management plans ensure that we continue to work towards long-term development goals on the continent.

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