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Volunteer Overseas

Conservation Volunteering in the South Pacific

Projects Abroad volunteers can contribute to the preservation and protection of vulnerable plant and animal species in the South Pacific. As a volunteer, you can participate in projects that aim to raise awareness about environmental issues in local communities. You will work alongside dedicated professionals and scientists while conducting research, collecting data, and actively working to protect wildlife and the environment.

Conservation in the South Pacific - What is it Like?

Volunteer doing research underwater in the shark conservation project in Fiji

As a volunteer, you will contribute to important scientific research that is being conducted on our Shark Conservation Project in Fiji. Furthermore, you will have the chance to experience a different way of life and immerse yourself in the local culture. Working on a Conservation programme in the South Pacific is an amazing opportunity that combines altruism, adventure and travel for what is sure to be a rewarding time.

You do not need any experience to join a Conservation & Environment project, as long as you have a passion for nature and wildlife and are happy to work outdoors. These placements are ideal for recent graduates in the field, university students or those on a gap year.

Conservation & Environment Projects in:

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