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Volunteering in Italy with Projects Abroad

  • Placement location: Reggio Calabria and Camini, southern Italy
  • Project lengths: From 2 weeks
  • Accommodation: Host family or apartment accommodation
  • Prices: from Loading...

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Map of Italy Houses

Italy is famous for its great food, amazing scenery and its many historical and cultural sites. Thousands of tourists from around the world visit the country every year to enjoy these attractions. But in recent years, parts of southern Italy have been facing increasing numbers of people arriving for entirely different reasons.

While Italy can indeed be considered a developed country, the people that we are working with here come from developing countries. More specifically, these refugees and migrants have fled war-torn, economically/politically unstable or otherwise disadvantaged nations. They are in need of medical attention upon arrival after a long and traumatic journey, and extended support as they adapt to their new lives. We received many queries asking us if we had a Refugee Project available, from volunteers who wanted to get involved and help make a positive difference in this serious humanitarian situation.

For many years, southern Italy has been a door to Western Europe for migrants and refugees, who often attempt to cross the Mediterranean from Africa. Recently, as with other parts of Europe, the number of refugees and migrants has increased drastically. The Italian government and local population, as well as the facilities and infrastructure have not been able to support them.

This has become a crisis, and help is urgently needed.
Projects Abroad is supporting two initiatives in the region to help refugees and migrants already in southern Italy, and those arriving daily.

Projects available in Italy

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