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Volunteer Overseas

Conservation in Mexico
19+ Special projects

Project Overview

1 week
  • Sunday March 8th 2020 - Saturday March 14th 2020
  • Sunday March 15th 2020 - Saturday March 21st 2020
2 weeks
  • Sunday June 7th 2020 - Saturday June 20th 2020

  • TYPE OF PLACEMENT: Turtle centre, crocodile centre, lagoon
  • ACCOMMODATION: Shared volunteer house

Volunteers clean a turtle and its tank at the turtle conservation centre in Cuyutlan

Volunteer on the Conservation 19+ Special in Mexico with Projects Abroad and help protect endangered turtle species. The biggest threat to turtles in this area are the poachers who take unhatched turtle eggs, and our main goal at this project is to make sure that we protect as many eggs as possible. With each egg saved by volunteers and each hatchling released into the ocean, we are one step closer to helping an endangered species thrive.

The project is based at a turtle conservation centre near a black sand beach. Here, you will take part in various activities that have a direct impact on turtles. These activities include searching for newly laid eggs during night patrols, transporting the eggs back to protected hatcheries, monitoring nests and releasing the newborn turtles into the ocean once they have hatched. You will also assist with the daily care of turtles and iguanas living at the centre and cleaning their tanks and enclosures.

In addition to working at the centre, you will focus on conducting scientific research and collecting valuable data. The research component of the project is focused around collecting data about turtle nests on the beach and monitoring the behaviour and diversity of wildlife surrounding the local lagoon. All research will contribute to long-term conservation plans. Our volunteers also work at a crocodile centre once a week, cleaning crocodile enclosures and recording biometric data.

You will also play an important role in protecting the surrounding mangrove ecosystems. Mangroves are vital: not only are they home to many animal species, conserving them helps to protect the coast from storm surges.

This is a group trip, so you will work alongside like-minded volunteers from around the world, every day. During your two weeks abroad, you and the group can expect to get involved with the following tasks:

  • Maintaining turtle hatcheries, caring for eggs and releasing newborn turtles into the ocean
  • Joining night patrols to search for newly laid eggs
  • Cleaning out crocodile enclosures
  • Counting and recording various bird species
  • Caring for iguanas
  • Doing basic maintenance work at a local conservation centre (such as removing excess vegetation and painting)

At the Conservation Project in Mexico, you will stay in a shared Projects Abroad house near the beach that is equipped with basic facilities. In your free time after a busy day of volunteering, you can socialise and relax here with the other volunteers. You will also spend the weekend in Melaque, Jalisco, where you can sightsee and take some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful Mexican scenery.

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