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Volunteer Overseas

What are 19+ Specials?

Projects Abroad Care and Community volunteer paints the wall of a local primary school

Our 19+ Special projects have been designed for young people hoping to contribute to meaningful change abroad during their summer holiday. These placements send volunteers in to local communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America with the aim of making a lasting difference.

The 19+ Special projects are based on the success of our High School Specials that have sent thousands of teenagers from around the globe to work in developing countries. The time, energy and care put into these projects have left a lasting legacy in many communities in need.

Safety and staff support for 19+ Special volunteers

Our Volunteer Advisors remain in regular contact with our volunteers, from application until the point of departure. On arrival in destination, volunteers are given a full country and project induction to familiarise them with their surroundings, requirements, laws of the country, project outline and placement facilities. Each project has a structured timetable, a supervisor and transport to and from the location.

Volunteering alongside like-minded people

If you’re looking to make lifelong friendships with people from across the globe, a 19+Special project is the place to do it. Our volunteers come from countries across the globe! You’ll all arrive for the programme over the same weekend and share the experience together, right from day one.

Air travel to and from the project

A great feature of the 19+ Specials is the flexibility you will have when booking flights. The choice is yours – you can either book flights with our in-house travel team, or you can book your own flights. Booking your flight with Projects Abroad places you in direct contact with the travel team who source the best return flights for this project. Changeable air tickets will be booked as direct as possible, and where there are a few volunteers travelling from the same country, they will be placed on the same flight.

On arrival at the airport, a clearly visible Projects Abroad staff member will be waiting to welcome you. They will help you with your luggage and take you to meet your host family. Transport will also be organised for all volunteers once their project is completed.

What is included in the price?

Travelling or volunteering abroad for the first time should be an exciting and meaningful experience. Our structured 19+ Specials help keep you focused on this, while we take care of the rest. The fee you pay includes food, accommodation, local transport, donations and materials for your placement, 24/7 support from our local staff, as well as social activities and weekend trips.

All social activities and weekend outings are planned ahead of your arrival, giving you a chance to truly experience the destination. You will also have a chance to explore the country during your free time.

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