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Occupational Therapy Elective Placements Overseas with Projects Abroad

Occupational Therapy Elective Placements

Are you an Occupational Therapy student looking to complete your Elective placement abroad? We offer exciting tailor-made Occupational Therapy projects in a number of developing countries! Challenge yourself while acquiring new skills and learning about different healthcare techniques and approaches.

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How does an Elective abroad differ from a placement in the UK?

Many of the placements and countries in which we work have limited resources, which may be different to what you are used to seeing back home. Furthermore, many patients struggle to access treatment, either due to a lack of service provision or funds. As a result, conditions tend to be in a more advanced stage and will require more work to rehabilitate.

What will I do?

Depending on the destination, you can choose to work in a hospital, schools, care centres or even in private homes. You will encounter a range of patients with different conditions, from disabled children to adults recovering from various surgeries and conditions. Your role will be to shadow and observe trained therapists, providing assistance where necessary. Depending on your experience and enthusiasm to get involved, you may be given more hands-on tasks. Friendly and qualified staff will discuss case-studies with you, answer questions and provide advice.

Staff support for our Elective students

We provide extensive support to our Elective students, prior to departure and during your placement. Our staff can assist with the completion of your paperwork for university, and one of our Volunteer Advisors will be in regular contact to guide you through your trip preparations prior to your departure. You will be assigned a supervisor when in-country, who will be your mentor for the duration of your Elective placement. Local staff are also available 24/7 to provide support and answer any questions you might have.

When should I apply?

Most universities have a set date by which time your Elective application paperwork needs to be completed. If your university needs information on the hospital or clinic in which you will be placed, or requires forms to be signed by your project supervisor, we recommend completing our application form at least one month before your deadline. This is because we can only provide the detailed information about your project once you have applied and been accepted onto an Elective placement with us.

If you are not an Elective student or would rather take part in our standard Occupational Therapy projects, please see our Occupational Therapy projects page.

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