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Global Gap Year: Stage 4 - Choice of Project in Nepal

Nepal volunteer placement map Female volunteer with a child in a care placement in Nepal

Nepal is a small yet stunning land of snow-capped mountains, majestic Buddhist temples, and the ancient capital city of Kathmandu. Although Nepal is known for the Himalayas and Mount Everest, it is actually one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet. Aside from mountains you will also find windswept deserts, green paddy fields, and jungles teeming with exotic wildlife.

Projects Abroad volunteers at the Disaster Relief project in Nepal

Kathmandu is slowly transforming into a vibrant, modern metropolis with western-looking businessmen or even monks chatting on cell phones. However, there is still plenty of evidence of traditional life, with countless religious festivals and temples to visit.

During the four weeks in Nepal, volunteers can choose from two projects in Ghandruk or Chitwan. 

At the Conservation Project, volunteers will live in a remote mountain village in Ghandruk, near Pokhara. Here, they will work with local authorities to protect the Annapurna Mountain Conservation Area and contribute to scientific research. 

On the Medicine Project, volunteers shadow doctors at a large teaching hospital in Chitwan and promote public health with community education programmes. Alternatively, options are also available for worthwhile work in local schools in the Kathmandu Valley.

Similar to the other destinations, Global Gap participants will go on a weekend trip with staff to explore sites like the foothills of Mount Everest or Chitwan National Park.

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