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Volunteer Overseas

Advice for Teens

Volunteers in Vietnam and South Africa work at their placements

Why stay home this summer when you can go and see the world!

Whether you have a favourite country you’ve always wanted to visit, or a certain activity you want to try, we can help you find the perfect project to make your summer one you’ll never forget.

Projects Abroad offers immersive experiences, away from what you are accustomed to. Our High School Special programmes are structured to enhance your confidence, help you tackle foreign challenges, learn a different set of skills, meet new people, make a difference, and - most importantly - have fun.

Farida, Dentistry in Sri Lanka"Leaving Sri Lanka was hard for me. It meant I was leaving a country that I had fallen in love with in just two weeks and it also meant that I was leaving some amazing people that I now call lifelong friends. It was a pleasure to be able to experience the culture by living like a true Sri Lankan for a while. I learned a lot about the culture but also about myself. I am really glad that I decided to do my placement with Projects Abroad and I would do it again in a heartbeat"

Dentistry in Sri Lanka

What you’ll learn

Not only do you change lives by volunteering abroad, but you, too, learn valuable lessons from the community you are helping.

And it is common knowledge that any kind of learning is enhanced by real-life experience. This goes doubly so for volunteering. Why? Well, you’re gaining real-life examples of what you are learning in school — or want to learn in University.

Any new experience can help you grow — but being open to that growth is the most important.

No matter what type of volunteering you do, you’ll probably find that it will dramatically improve your language ability and develop your intercultural understanding. And volunteering can also give you a renewed commitment to international exchange and new skills to contribute to creating a better world.

What you’ll achieve

Are your efforts worth it? Many teens (and parents) will raise this question — and it’s a good one to think about.

It’s important to be modest in your volunteering goals. Remind yourself that it is impossible to save the world by yourself, and no one can do it over a short period of time. In fact, you probably won’t even get to see the end result of the goals you’ll work towards. You may find that many groups are rough around the edges. However, our placements are constantly looking to improve, and if you are persistent, patient, flexible, and reliable, you can help make a difference as part of a group of people all working towards the same positive change.

These Projects have also been designed with the duration of your stay in mind. So even though you are only there for two, three or four weeks, your short-term intensive work will lead to long-term impact as other volunteers continue to flesh out the foundation you’ve laid.

Jenny, Care & Community in South Africa"I don’t believe words can truly describe the unforgettable experience I had. From the people, cultures and trips, the memories I gained will forever remain with me. Not once did I feel unwelcome and Projects Abroad worked very hard to make sure everyone felt safe and happy. If you have any problems, you’re only a phone call or email away from having someone on hand to advise you. I cannot recommend the experience enough, whether you do two weeks, four weeks or five months, you will leave with memories and knowledge that will remain with you forever. I want to thank Projects Abroad for providing me with this unique opportunity and I can’t wait to return"

Care & Community in South Africa

If an out of ordinary experience is what you’re after, and you’re looking to create memories alongside likeminded people. A High School Special programme in 2018 might be just the thing you need over your summer holiday.

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