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Get A Step Ahead This Summer

Get A Step Ahead This Summer

Make the most of your time this summer by signing up for a Projects Abroad High School Special! These are work experience placements specifically designed for 15-18 year olds, and run for two, three or four weeks in developing countries around the world.

Looking to gain work experience, shadow trained professionals and learn new skills? Then choose one of our Law, Business, Medicine or Journalism programmes! These are safe and structured projects with a schedule of practical tasks and cultural activities.

In a short amount of time, you will be able to experience a different culture, explore a specific career path, and contribute to ongoing community development projects.

Why join a High School Special?

There are so many great reasons to join one of these placements:

  • Boost your CV and UCAS application: You will receive a placement certificate on completion, and be able to add this volunteering work experience to your CV. In many cases, this will be the kind of work experience that is not available in your home country, especially with medical projects. We can also provide a reference if necessary.
Samuel, Medicine volunteer in Tanzania"The fortnight was even better than I’d hoped it would be and I would strongly recommend the High School Special Medical programme to anyone who is hoping to apply for a medical course at university. The memories of the things I did and the people I met will act as a fuel for my own ambition and determination, and the experiences will prove invaluable when the time comes for me to apply to universities myself."

Medicine in Tanzania
  • Explore potential career paths: Whether you’ve already decided on what you want to study or are still making up your mind, you’ll be able to take part in day-to-day activities which will give you greater insight into specific professions.
Gayathri, Law & Business volunteer in China"Being a future law student, I genuinely found this work experience to be most valuable, for the reason that it not only taught me about Chinese law, but taught me to look at things from different perspectives."

Law & Business in China
  • Help to make a positive difference: Whether you’re working on a campaign to promote awareness of human rights, or helping to provide basic healthcare at a medical outreach, your efforts will work towards helping those in disadvantaged communities.
Lisa, Human Rights volunteer in South Africa"We spent a day at Capricorn township where we ran the soup kitchen in the morning, preparing and serving food to members of the community. This was a very humbling experience, and everyone I spoke to was very grateful for our help and welcomed me into their community, calling me ‘sister’ – a response I could not have dreamed of."

Human Rights in South Africa
  • Meet new people: You’ll be working alongside other people your own age, who come from all over the world. It’s a wonderful way to forge new friendships, while you work together towards a common goal.
Jennifer, Care & Community volunteer in Fiji"Within each and every one of these eleven volunteers, I found compassion and positivity. We found joy in any situation and any circumstance. We worked as one, and I cannot imagine what this trip would have been like without my friends. These people are the ones with whom I have shared the greatest memories in Fiji."

Care & Community in Fiji
  • Explore a different culture: The travel aspect is obviously a huge appeal. There will be weekend trips organised for you, as well as different social and cultural events. In your free time, there will also be a chance for you to explore the local attractions!
Ramya, Medicine volunteer in Peru"Our weekend trip to Machu Picchu was absolutely incredible! Seeing a wonder of the world with new friends is something I will never forget. We had so much fun taking pictures (some of them with llamas) and learning some history."

Medicine in Peru

How do I join a High School Special?

Below we’ve selected some of the projects that we feel will best suit students looking for work experience in line with their career aspirations. However, please don’t feel limited by these – we have a wide range of other options which might interest you. See our full range of High School Specials.

Pick a project that you’d like to join, and then sign-up using our online application form. Have questions? Call us on 01273 007230 or send us an email to and one of our Programme Advisors will be able to help you further.

Choose a High School Special project:

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