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Volunteer Overseas

Have A Life-Changing Adventure This Summer

Summer Adventure

Looking to do something different and exciting these summer holidays? Join one of our High School Special projects! These are two, three and four week volunteer placements in developing countries around the world! These have been specially designed for teenagers aged 15 – 18, where you’ll get to make new friends, help out in a disadvantaged community alongside people your own age, and explore an entirely different culture.

Why join a High School Special?

There are so many great reasons to join one of these placements:

  • Help to make a positive difference: Whether you’re helping to organise educational activities for children, or taking part in research dives, you’ll be contributing to our long-term development goals in local communities.
Elizabeth, Care & Conservation in Costa Rica"Seeing how much I could do for others and how welcoming and friendly people can be really puts your life into perspective. I now live by the Costa Rican phrase ‘Pura Vida’ – pure life, and always try to replicate the warmth and friendliness they showed me."

Care & Conservation in Costa Rica
  • Meet new people: You’ll be volunteering alongside other people your own age, who come from all over the world. It’s a wonderful way to forge new friendships, while you work together towards a common goal.
Jennifer, Care & Community in Fiji"The great thing about a closed group is the bond that is created through mutual struggle. Within each and every one of these eleven volunteers, I found compassion and positivity. We found joy in any situation and any circumstance. We worked as one, and I cannot imagine what this trip would have been like without my friends. These people are the ones with whom I have shared the greatest memories in Fiji."

Care & Community in Fiji
  • Explore a different culture: The travel aspect is obviously a huge appeal. There will be weekend trips organised for you, as well as different social and cultural events. In your free time, there will also be a chance to explore the local attractions!
Francesca, Incan & Wari Archaeology in Peru"Our time in Cuzco, although short was successful and we got to visit Saqsaywaman and Ollantaytambo when we first arrived, amazing places with superb views. On our way home we had a day there again, so we got in some vastly important shopping in some local markets, and I stocked up on Peruvian style jumpers and a blanket, along with presents for everyone back at home."

Incan & Wari Archaeology in Peru

How do I join a High School Special?

Below we’ve selected some of the projects that we feel will best suit students looking for an adventure this summer. However, please don’t feel limited by these – we have a wide range of other options which might interest you. See our full range of High School Specials.

Pick a project that you’d like to join, and then sign-up using our online application form. Have questions? Call us on 01273 007230 or send us an email to and one of our Programme Advisors will be able to help you further.


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