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Volunteer Nutrition Internships Abroad

Volunteer Nutrition projects abroad

Join one of our volunteer Nutrition internships abroad and work alongside local staff to improve the quality of life for people suffering from malnutrition and associated physical problems. Gain greater insight into the field of nutrition and dietetics while taking part in practical activities to benefit disadvantaged communities.

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Volunteering on a Nutrition placement

As a Nutrition volunteer, you may find yourself working in a number of different placements, depending on the project you choose. These include assisting in hospitals, clinics and nutrition centers, as well as community centres. You may also take part in visits to schools and homes.

Our Nutrition projects aim to tackle two main problems. The first is the issue of malnutrition and food insecurity in local communities. Due to poverty and a reliance on subsistence farming, many people in these communities do not have access to a wide variety or quantity of food.

The second issue we focus on is reducing the prevalence of NCDs (non-communicable diseases), such as high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as other health issues that have resulted from a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

What will I do on a Nutrition internship?

Your role will differ according to the specific placement and destination that you choose. You will find yourself working alongside our qualified local staff or partner organisations to educate individuals and communities on the importance of diet for health and development.

Activities may include running nutrition awareness campaigns, creating informational materials and running workshops on specific topics. Other tasks include preparing food and giving healthy cooking demonstrations, organising exercise classes, creating eating plans and conducting regular check-ups.

These internships are a fantastic opportunity to gain work experience, use your initiative and get involved in hands-on work that really serves to make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

"The aspect I loved most about the project was that there was no ‘typical day’. There was a structure to the weekly activities, but each time we visited a community we would listen and plan with the locals to help provide presentations or activities that they wanted. It was great to be a part of discussions and to help put forth ‘action plan’ goals for healthy living that we could work towards."

Sarah Seet
Nutrition in Fiji

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