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Volunteer Overseas

Professional Volunteering Opportunities in Archaeology

Volunteer abroad on archaeology projects

Our voluntary Projects Abroad PRO archaeology projects are ideal for recent graduates, retired seniors or qualified archaeologists looking to take a career break.

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These projects are located in Romania and Peru, with both destinations offering extensive and unique archaeological sites. As a qualified volunteer you will be improving your own existing knowledge and skills whilst helping fellow professionals with their work.

In Peru you will be working in conjunction with COPESCO and the INC (Instituto National y Cultural). The typical tasks you will undertake include compiling reports on the physical condition of new Inca settlements, organising fieldwork projects as well as developing community awareness projects.

Volunteering in Romania will comprise of digging and cataloguing important historical sites, producing detailed drawings of artefacts as well as writing studies on what has been found.

Both projects offer a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the on-going work at each archaeological site in addition to helping with new discoveries. You will also get the chance to work in local communities, sharing your passion for archaeology.

If you are not a trained professional in this area you can still take part in a volunteer project with us. Click here to view our regular Archaeology volunteer projects.

Please find below a list of all the available Projects Abroad PRO Archaeology projects.

Projects for Professionals Archaeology projects in:

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