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Volunteer Overseas

Social Work Internships with Projects Abroad

Volunteering Abroad With Children

Our Social Work Internships are focused on placing student social workers in destinations around the world, giving them a chance to apply their theoretical knowledge. You will work alongside professional local staff who currently provide services and support for people facing social problems in their native country. During your time abroad, you will encounter numerous challenging scenarios. These include domestic violence, alcoholism, child abuse, and family matters.

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As a student social worker, you will have the unique opportunity to fulfill your university requirements by completing an internship abroad in a developing country. You will be supervised by a professional social worker or psychologist and your time will be spent observing, assisting and gaining valuable hands-on experience.

Interning in Social Work with Projects Abroad

We partner with local care centres, hospitals, schools, and organisations in Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Ghana, Mongolia and Romania. Sharing our knowledge and resources, we place social work interns in projects that will see both the students and the placements benefitting from the valuable engagement.

At each project and placement we work towards long-term goals, outlined in our Care Management Plans. Through our Care Management Plans in each destination, we’re able to:

  • Identify challenges faced by the placement
  • Focus on creating solutions to assist these placements overcome these challenges
  • Monitor the progress of the placements
  • Evaluate our global impact and begin planning for the following year based on the detailed reports

As a social work intern, you’ll be helping us achieve the goals in our Care Management Plans, and help us make a long-lasting, measurable, positive difference in each country.

We also take seriously the safety of our volunteers and the children with whom they work. Read more about our policies for care projects and care volunteers.


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