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Volunteer Surfing Projects in the Developing World

Volunteer Surfing Projects in the Developing World

Surfing is one of the most popular water sports in the world but it is also an activity often inaccessible to many. At Projects Abroad we are trying to change this by making surfing something that people can become involved in regardless of background or economic situation.

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In the developing world, many children never have the opportunity to learn to swim, despite possibly being in close proximity to the ocean. As part of our volunteer Surfing projects you will be helping to teach children the importance of staying safe in the sea and being able to swim. You will also provide them with coaching to learn to swim and surf.

You will be involved in regular trips to the beach with local children, gradually teaching them new skills. Having fun and learning is the aim, our projects need volunteers who are keen to get involved and provide support for the children.

Volunteering on a Surfing project is possible whether you are choosing to take a gap year, career break, or are simply looking for an alternative holiday. Volunteers are not required to have previous surfing experience as you will be given the opportunity to learn whilst on the project, although you must be a confident swimmer.

We are looking for volunteers who have a passion for the sea and working with children. If you are looking for a challenge and enthusiastic about learning new skills, then a Surfing project is the perfect choice.

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