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Volunteer Overseas

Volunteer IT & Social Media Projects in Jamaica

  • Placement location: Mandeville
  • Role: To teach Jamaican children a variety of practical computer skills
  • Type of Placements: Primary and junior high schools
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Price: From Loading...
  • What’s included? Food, accommodation, transfers to and from our specified airport, transport to and from work where required, insurance, personal webpage, induction and orientation, 24/7 support
  • What’s not included? Flights, visa costs, spending money
  • Length of placement: From 2 weeks
  • Start dates: Flexible

IT Teaching in Jamaica

In the 21st century, computer literacy is a skill which is valued almost as highly as standard literacy. In Jamaica, a popular tourist destination, strong computer skills are now required for many jobs. More and more schools are therefore recognising the importance of teaching IT to children from an early age, with many primary and junior high schools now including IT lessons.

IT volunteers in Jamaica teach children aged from 6 to 15 years old in primary and junior high schools in and around Mandeville. In some schools volunteers assist and support the local teachers, but some schools lack teaching staff with IT knowledge, so in these cases volunteers may be the main IT teacher and may teach alone.

Volunteers usually teach between 4 to 5 hours per day, with the option to do more hours if requested.

Volunteering Abroad on an IT Project in Jamaica

All IT teachers are expected to have a good understanding of computers and basic IT programmes. Volunteers teach a variety of practical computer skills ranging from how to turn a computer on and off, to lessons in programmes like Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, art and photo programmes, and using the internet for research and email communication.

Depending on your skills and experience you could also include some teaching on website design and/or social media like facebook and twitter. Some schools would also appreciate help with updating or designing the school’s own website, and developing school facebook or twitter accounts. The Ministry of Education is encouraging schools to develop their online presence so extra help in these areas is currently in demand.

Volunteers in Jamaica

It is also possible to combine teaching IT with a standard Teaching placement in Jamaica.

Volunteers who want to get involved in website design should ideally be part way through an IT degree or be an IT graduate. Those just wanting to focus on teaching basic IT must have the necessary IT skills, but can be pre-university students.

You can join the IT project in Jamaica for two or three weeks if you don't have time to join us for four weeks or more. This project has been selected by our local colleagues as being suitable for short term volunteering for both the host community and the volunteer. Although you will gain a valuable cultural insight and work intensely within the local community please be aware that you may not be able to make the same impact as someone volunteering for a longer period. Anyone wanting to focus on website design needs to join the project for at least one month.

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