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Volunteer Overseas

Volunteer IT Projects in South Africa

  • Placement location: Cape Town
  • Role: To help teach computer programmes like Word and Excel. You will also be able to develop databases and assist with any maintenance work
  • Type of Placements: Primary schools, community centres
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Price: From Loading...
  • What’s included? Food, accommodation, transfers to and from our specified airport, transport to and from work where required, insurance, personal webpage, induction and orientation, 24/7 support
  • What’s not included? Flights, visa costs, spending money
  • Length of placement: From 4 weeks
  • Start dates: Flexible

South Africa is a country of dramatic contrasts, where wealth and poverty co-exist. In the poorer townships of Cape Town, unemployment in some areas has reached as high as 40%. In the 21st century, computer literacy is a skill which is valued almost as highly as standard literacy.

It is therefore a huge advantage when searching for work to have learnt the basics of computer use, and this is something which our IT Projects volunteers can help with. By sharing your knowledge of IT with students and teachers alike, you can increase the prospects of each individual you help.

By developing a better understanding of computers, job opportunities which would not previously have been available, present themselves. With IT skills, children and adults alike also find themselves in a position where they can benefit from all that the worldwide web has to offer.

Voluntary Work Teaching Computer Skills with Projects Abroad

Volunteers are needed to help teach very basic computer programmes like Word and Excel, however, if you are also able to develop databases and assist with any maintenance work your help will be much appreciated.

The IT Project is suited to volunteers of all abilities; you don't need to be a computer expert to be helpful, but please let us know what IT skills you do have when you apply.

Volunteering Abroad on an IT Project in South Africa

Projects Abroad offers two types of IT Projects; working in a local community centre or working in primary schools.

A volunteer teaches basic IT to students at a local South African school

Volunteers joining a project at the community centre will be immersed in township life. On an average day, volunteers teach Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, to approximately 20 eager students. Volunteers also assist in setting up social media accounts and working on CVs. The students are mostly young adults, aged from 18 upwards.

Volunteers helping with IT in primary schools will teach basic IT skills to the children. Volunteers often find that many schools are equipped with computers, but not all of them work. It’s therefore helpful if you’re able to update/fix computers, and/or to assist with the school's computer curriculum. You can also be creative; we have had previous volunteers start a typing course at a school, along with introducing other educational games.

The children are aged between about 6 and 13 years old. In the schools there is a set three month term which runs with only a short break, and there is a set curriculum to follow. Due to the relatively high levels of spoken English, you may be left to teach a class on your own, whilst a local teacher may help with theory lessons.

In other cases, you'll work alongside the local teacher, who will introduce a task, which volunteers then assist with by working with small groups of children. As with all projects, any help you can give that may aid the development of the project, such as cataloguing information and developing new syllabuses, will be gladly received.

All volunteers taking part on any other project in South Africa now have the opportunity to add a 1 Week Conservation Add-On to the end of their main placement. Please note that one week volunteers should arrive in Polokwane on a Monday. For more information visit our Conservation in South Africa project page.

If you have qualifications or experience in this field then we can make use of your skills. Read more about the opportunities for skilled volunteers in South Africa.

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