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Volunteer Overseas

Why Choose Projects Abroad?

Children enjoy a ball game with a Projects Abroad Care volunteer and a staff member during the daily physical activity session of the holiday school program in Fiji

At Projects Abroad, we are proud to offer volunteer projects, work experience placements and language courses of the highest quality. Founded in 1992, Projects Abroad has now sent nearly 100,000 volunteers from all walks of life to thousands of volunteer projects throughout the world. In every community overseas we employ full time local staff to ensure that our volunteers work on worthwhile local programmes and that they are well supported and safe.

Of course there are a number of organisations which offer similar programmes to us and we are often asked what sets us apart.

Here are some of the factors that set Projects Abroad apart from other volunteer organisations and that we feel are important to consider when contemplating such a significant adventure.

Our experience and track record

We understand that travelling to a new place by yourself can be a daunting experience. But you can rest assured that you’re in good hands – since we were founded in 1992, Projects Abroad have placed nearly 100,000 volunteers and interns on meaningful projects throughout the developing world.

Furthermore, many of our nearly 700 full-time staff members are former volunteers themselves, inspired by their own experiences to continue our mission. Indeed, some of our staff were part of the original groups of volunteers back in the early 90s! As a result, we understand your concerns and can offer expert advice to ensure that you have a rewarding, memorable trip.

Read more about our experience and track record.

Staff that go the extra mile

A Projects Abroad volunteer with her wonderful host family in Morocco

At Projects Abroad, we care deeply about the welfare of our volunteers. That’s why our staff are fully prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty.

If you’re uncomfortable commuting to your volunteer placement, we’ll go with you until you feel more confident. If you’re feeling homesick or having trouble coping with culture shock, we’ll lend an understanding ear and do what we can to make you feel more at ease. If you get sick or injured while abroad, we’ll take you to the hospital and stay with you until you’re recovered. In essence, we provide in-country support 24/7 to assist you with any issue that may arise.

Read more about how we go the extra mile.

Worthwhile projects

While it’s exciting to travel to a foreign destination, we know it’s even more important to ensure that our projects are worthwhile for both our volunteers and the communities in which they work. That’s why every programme offered by Projects Abroad has been arranged to provide the maximum value to both you and the organisation or group you’re volunteering for.

All the small daily tasks that you undertake on your placement are an important part of the bigger picture, and work towards achieving progress in the goals we’ve outlined. Each person continually builds on the work that was done by previous volunteers. While we have a large number of short-term volunteers, everybody is working towards these long-term goals and ultimately, we achieve massive progress together.

Find out more about what makes our projects worthwhile..

Host family accommodation

We believe that living with a host family offers an incredible experience that really makes a placement with Projects Abroad unique. Our families are carefully chosen for security, comfort, and friendliness. Many hosts are associated with our programmes - for example, a teacher or headmistress at one of our partner schools or a doctor at one of our medical placements.

You also won’t be on your own. We have a thriving volunteer community in all of our destinations. You will live with a host family alongside at least one other Projects Abroad volunteer; sometimes three or four.

Learn more about our host family accommodation.

Volunteer community

Projects Abroad volunteers and staff pose for a group photo at the office before heading out to the community day at Lautoka Special school

By taking part in a Projects Abroad placement, you are joining a huge community of fellow volunteers and locals in developing countries. The peace of mind provided by the knowledge that you’ll be volunteering and socialising with other people is one of the best reasons to choose Projects Abroad.

We now send nearly 10,000 volunteers overseas each year, from around 40 different countries. You’ll be working alongside people of all ages, from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds –students to professionals, and families to retirees. Most people don’t realise this multicultural aspect of Projects Abroad until they arrive, but it is a distinctive part of what makes us different.

Find out more about our vibrant volunteer community.

Flexibility and variety

At Projects Abroad we pride ourselves on our flexibility and our ability to cater to our volunteers’ individual needs. We understand that you don’t want a one-size-fits-all experience – you want something that is right for you. We operate in 30 different countries around the globe and now offer over 1,000 different projects. The options with Projects Abroad really are endless.

Unlike most volunteer organisations, we employ full time staff wherever we work. This allows us to run our projects continuously throughout the year. It also means that we have completely flexible start and end dates, so we can easily fit to your schedule. We know that there is nothing more annoying than finding an ideal placement or holiday, only to discover that the start date doesn’t fit with your plans. With Projects Abroad, you decide when you want to go and for how long.

Learn more about our flexibility and variety.

For over 20 years Projects Abroad have been experts in volunteering abroad, work experience and gap year placements.

Founded in 1992, Projects Abroad has now sent nearly 100,000 volunteers from all walks of life to volunteer projects in the developing world.

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